About Us

Hail and well met adventurers!

We'd better introduce ourselves. We're Vic and James, TTRPG enthusiasts and crafty creatives.

When our love of all things table top started to get out of hand, we figured what else was there to do but open a business selling all the gear we wanted to play with?

So TTRPG Treasures was born! We're your friendly, local peddlers of all things tabletop. Based in the North East of England, we look forward to seeing any of you nearby adventurers at local cons and expos. Who knows? One day we might make it to that London!

TTRPG Treasures also gives me (Vic) my crafty outlet - I relish creating all of our handmade items.

Anyway, we hope you love our trove of treasures! We'll be expanding as we go so keep an eye on us. We're hoping to include useful treasures for all of your TTRPG favourites but it's going to take us a sec to get there! For now, have a trawl through our hoard, you never know what you'll find!