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Dungeons and Dragons Healing Potions Dice - 4 Bottle Sets

Dungeons and Dragons Healing Potions Dice - 4 Bottle Sets

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Speed up game play at your table with these beautiful healing potion dice sets. Just shake ‘em out, count up your numbers and recover. No need for looking up how many dice to roll or what to add as it’s all there for you! Also our healing potion sets won't take up your whole table as they're tiny 1cm d4s in 2.2 cm wide bottles. They're available in all the sizes you’ll ever need to cover you from level 1 to level 20. Our sets cover a range of combinations that you can suit to your party’s current level:

Low level party set: 2 Healing and 2 Greater

Mid level party set: 1 Healing, 2 Greater, 1 Superior

One of Each: 1 Healing, 1 Greater, 1 Superior, 1 Supreme

Or buy a set of 4 of whichever potion you fancy! 

Our potions are also available as single bottles. 

All of our potions are carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and then packed in a sturdy cardboard box with tissue paper to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. 

Happy healing!
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