Collection: d10 Dice Sets

Ideal for building your Vampire: The Masquerade dice collection, we have both 10 piece core dice sets and 5 piece booster sets to entice you!

Our 10 piece d10 sets are perfect as core sets for rolling in any World of Darkness or Chronicles of Darkness game. They include 10 matching d10s.

Our booster sets include 5 mixed d10s and make fabulous hunger dice as they will contrast beautifully with your matching core set. All the dice in a booster set will fit the same colour theme but won't match exactly unless that is stated in the description. 

All dice sets come carefully presented in an organza dice bag and are posted to you in a shiny silver bubblewrap package to protect your beautiful new dice! Unless you go big and order a few sets. Then we'll pop them in a box for you.