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Hello Bees Bag of Dice Holding

Hello Bees Bag of Dice Holding

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For all the Jester Lavorre fans out there, we’ve put together a little homage to her hello bees moment. 

Our dice bags come in three sizes:

- Baby bags are our teeny tiny option! These cute little bags will hold a maximum 7 sets of polyhedral dice but look nice and full with 5 sets. Perfect for beginners or those who want to separate out and protect their favourite fancy sets. 

- The Goblin Bag of Dice Holding is our medium sized bag. It will hold a maximum of 25 sets but starts looking impressively full with just 20 sets. More established dice goblins will love its roomy storage and be happy in the knowledge that their precious dice are safely tucked away!

The Dragon Bag of Dice Hoarding is for serious collectors only! This bad boy will hold up to 70 sets of polyhedral dice but will look pretty awe-inspiring from about 55 sets. Here’s the challenge - can you fill it? Why be a dice goblin when you can be a dice dragon…

All of our dice bags are crafted with care by our very own sewing sorceress, Vic! As it will be made especially for you, it'll take us a little longer to get your bag to you (up to 14 days during busy periods) but we get all of our orders out as fast as we possibly can. 

Each bag is lovingly wrapped in tissue and sent out to you in a sturdy box so they arrive in perfect condition. 

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